How to Dye a Wooden Puzzle

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Growing up my mom was a DIY queen and theres no doubt that I would try a few projects of my own.

My mom actually set me up with all the goodies for this simple personalized project.

Aiva and her dad on on their way home from Utah so I wanted to have this ready with a couple other goodies when she gets home.

What you’ll need to transform a wooden puzzle of your own:

 Wooden Puzzle

Egg dying kit


Inexpensive Plastic Containers



Spoons for weight

I started out with this plain wooden Rainbow puzzle yo can find the same one on Etsy here.


My mom picked up this Easter Egg Dying kit after Easter on sale!


Each kit comes with 9 colors, I didn’t want to have a traditional Rainbow colored puzzle so I spayed a napkin lightly with water and swatched each tablet against the damp towel to determine the actual color. The box says to use 1 tablespoon of VINEGAR for each COLOR TABLET. I used 2 tablets and 3TBS of vinergar and about 2 cups of water.


We picked up a few plastic containers from the Dollar Tree for this dye job. The wood floats on top of the water so I had to use several spoons to keep each puzzle piece down.


The longer the soak the more vibrant the color. I was going for pastel tones so I soaked each piece about 20 minutes. Also there was more water then each tablet is suppose to be used with so the color was more diluted.


It turned out so well! I hope Aiva loves it.


Another alternative to egg dying tablets is using regular food coloring and rubbing alcohol, make sure to cover. This also works to dye dry pasta used for preschool art projects and sorting!





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A couple of months ago I shared some of the movies we watched on Netflix and at the movie theater. I’m back with a couple more reviews! Let’s start with movies for kids.

Moana – This is probably old news to most of you but we didn’t see this movie until this last week. We recently got a library card and requested this movie about a month ago and it finally came to us. We Really loved watching this as a family. The colors in this movie are beautiful and the music was great too, we might have to purchase this one just to keep miss Aiva happy!

The BFG – I remember ready this book as a kid, I believe I was in 3rd grade. My husband actually pressed this one and it was better than I expected. I will admit the first 5 mins really creeped me out. If you haven’t watched the BFG yet it’s actually on Netflix!


The Secret Life of Pets –  I heard mixed reviews about this one so we didn’t take Aiva to see this movie while it was in theaters. I’m not a pet lover (sorry, i’ll go hide under a blanket now) but it was hilarious! We Checked this movie out from the library and after we returned it we noticed it was on Netflix, major score!


Boss Baby – Oh my goodness! Aiva and I went to see this movie when Griff was out of town and I could not believe there were only four families including ours in the theater. Aiva saw so many previews for Boss baby I knew she would be thrilled to attend this movie. I literally cried a few times it was funny and adorable. See it in theaters? Yes but I’m sure it’s equally as great waiting for it to come out to watch at home!


Beauty and the Beast – I could not wait for this movie to come out in theaters. We waited till my in-laws were in town to see this movie and it was well worth the wait. There was so much controversy before the release of this film. I knew I would be taking Aiva to see this film regardless of others opinions. If you have seen the original B&TB as a kid you LOVED it, as an adult you probably loved it even more because of the humor and things you didn’t pick up on as a kid. So for those that had a problem with this “new” B&TB remake… I hate to break it to you but the story line and the way the characters act is the same. If you didn’t get the hint on LeFou I want to point out that Children don’t recognize someone is “different” until we tell or show them otherwise. I’m happy that Aiva will be raised in a world where I get to teach her to love others because they are different and that we can choose to get along with others that don’t live as we do. Aiva was absolutely obsessed with this movie, she asks to watch the trailer over and over again on youtube! This is a must see. The DVD release is right around the corner June 6th!



Ghostbusters – I usually don’t give bad reviews but this movie is terrible. I feel so mean saying that but don’t waste your time. I’m just hoping if I ever have a Ghost problem the Ghostbusters will forgive me and rescue me haha


Doctor Strange – We picked this movie up from the library and it was super interesting. if you like marvel don’t miss out. The set of this movie reminds me of inception a lot a bit.



Gardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – I wasn’t sure walking into the first film a few years back, I ended up really enjoying it. I couldn’t wait for Vol. 2 and that darling Baby Groot. I didn’t realize there would be so much Baby Groot, he made the movie for me. Oh and I flipped at the end of the movie when I found out Vin Diesel plays that cute “I am Groot” baby voice. Go see it, I cried a few times it was so funny.














Green Smoothie

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fullsizeoutput_94aAs it warms up we are excited to cool down with our favorite GREEN smoothie. What I love most about smoothies is making them with my little girl! 

If you know Aiva well she eats like a bird. It’s funny, whenever I say this it’s the one day she eats like a horse. Aiva usually always eats the food she helps prepare so because of this she knows how to make a smoothie so well she’s usually the one directing the whole process. 

Honestly we have been blessed with a child that will eat almost everything just at a smaller scale, but if you have a kiddo that doesn’t eat their veggies then smoothies are a great way to fulfill their diet. Another benefit of smoothies for my small eater is that she “eats” more by enjoying a nice cool treat.

This is our basic recipe we stick with but sometimes we add a few other ingredients.


Green Smoothie

1 Scoop of Whey Protein Powder Per person

1 Banana

2 Big Handfuls of Spinach  

Sprinkle of Flax

Ice, Ice baby 

Coconut Almond Milk by Almond Breeze

We love our Vitamix, our whole family has them, My dad has had his for over 10 years.

I believe in placing softer less dense ingredients in the blender first. Usually I put a nice handful of spinach down before the other ingredients but because my bananas weren’t frozen and my 4 year old was directing we went banana first. 



Next I want to introduce you to my little smoothie buddies from Squeasy Gear. These were sent to me to try and review and I just love them for on the go. We have had so many smoothie accidents it’s unreal. 

I can fill my Squeasy Gear to the brim, put the no spill insert on top, fasten the cap and Aiva can squeeze with all her might and not one drop comes out. 

We have filled these little guys with Applesauce and yogurt too! My favorite way to use them is by taking off the no spill insert and using it to make the perfect round pancakes!

Look at how you can drink every last drop!



I hope you are inspired to enjoy a green smoothie with your little one and check out Squeasy gear to make your own feeding on the go pouch!


MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy


Did you read the title and totally freak out? MILKA Chocolate + OREO cookie = Match Made in Candy HEAVEN!

Growing up MILKA was the most scrumptious of all the European chocolate. I remember going to unique little candy shops and begging for the chocolate bars wrapped in lavender. I was so exciting to hear that MILKA and OREO partnered and have made a series of wonderful chocolate treats.

These Chocolates have been released at Walmart and starting Thursday May 18- Sunday the 21st you can try them at Walmart! If trying a sample wasn’t good enough I’m also hosting a GIVEAWAY!

I’ll be going live on Facebook on the 19th to check out the sampling at Walmart. Make sure to check out my video! I will tell you how you can be 1 of 5 of my followers to receive a $25 gift card to Walmart. Total I’m giving away $125!

How to enter:

While you are shopping snap a pic with any MILK OREO chocolate product

Post your pic to social media using #TryOREOchocolate

Tag me so I see it @BitzofConfetti

Entries Valid through 5/30/2017

5 Winners who tag me will be chosen to win a $25 Walmart giftcard  on June 1st!

You can find them by the register on your way to check out, down the candy and cookie aisles.

My favorite bar was the gigantic MILKA OREO Big Crunch Bar. I could totally use this bar over the summer when making s’mores!

If you want to try the new MILKA OREO Chocolate bars for less check out this ibotta offer!



 I love working with food and when I got the offer to work with NatureSweet it was an offer I couldn’t turn down. As most everyone knows I DO NOT do any of the cooking in our household. I of course talked to my culinary trained husband and he had a great idea for these tomatoes that he wanted to surprise me with.


I’m not a super fan of tomatoes but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try the new NatureSweet Eclipses.

Eclipses are raised right, they start with the best seeds and are greenhouse-grown. They are carefully picked just at their peek of sweetness. Their richer color means deeper bolder flavor. Honestly the depth of color was shocking, I’m so used to the average bright red tomato I thought the Eclipses wouldn’t taste fresh.



With Griffin’s skillful work in the kitchen and NatureSweet’s beautiful new Eclipses, I’ve grown to really love these tomatoes. As you can see from the pictures Griff went super bold with his cuts. I dove right in expecting the worst and flavor was just incredible, not an average tomato taste at all.


I encourage you to pick them up at your local grocer and try them for yourself. I feel like they will be a huge hit this summer!



Want to win a gift pack from NatureSweet with swag and coupons?

Tell us what you like about NatureSweet Eclipses or share the name of your favorite recipe using Eclipses, and use the hashtag #NatureSweetEclipses!

The contest runs until May 22, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be notified directly by email or Facebook Messenger by May 29, 2017. Entrants must be residents of the US and 18+ only. Winner will be randomly selected from comments on this blog post and Facebook.

Herb Chicken Salad with Toast and Tomato 

1 Can Canned Chicken

Minced Herbs (Oregano, Basil, Thyme)

2 TBS Mayo

Bread,  buttered and toasted on griddle

Thick Sliced NatureSweet Eclipses or Hollowed out NatureSweet Eclipses


How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth at Home with Smile Brilliant

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Hello, Hello, Hello!

Griff and I are coming together to share our individual experience and review of Smile Brilliant and why we chose Smile Brilliant as our at home teeth whitening system!fullsizeoutput_8e3

What first attracted me to Smile Brilliant was of corse the beautifully bright teeth I saw from their instagram. Upon further investigation I found they have a sensitive teeth system and that really drew me in.

I’ve always felt my teeth were more on the dull side side of color not necessary super yellow. Griff and I have tried a few whitening systems picked up at our local grocery stores and they just weren’t the right fit for us. The trays were one time use, too big, too aggressive and left our teeth feeling electric. I don’t know if that will make sense to those of you without sensitive teeth but I could feel the pain from the other systems I used for about 3 days after using. OUCH!


I remember using the other system one time and it caused me so much sensitivity and shocking in my teeth I wouldn’t use it again. Griff used it for about 2 weeks and then just couldn’t take it anymore so we were left with over half a pack of unused product. A little more about tooth sensitivity here.

Sharing our top two favorite features of Smile Brilliant


Custom Fit – When we received our kits they came in a fun box right to our doorstep and we were able to make our own impressions, pop them back in the mail and about a week later they came back to us. My trays fit like a glove! The trays also stay in place while I’m using them. I love that my trays are custom-made for me and I was able to have a professional experience making them at home.

Quick Results – No joke I could tell my teeth were whiter the minute I took the trays off the first time! The second time I applied a few days later my results were twice as bright.

video below!



Painless – The moment I felt the slightest sign of sensitivity from the whitening gel I followed the instructions, applied the desensitizing gel and it instantly extinguished the sensitive feeling.

Simplicity – Everything is easy with Smile Brilliant. The directions are thorough and the results show instantly. It’s really awesome to be able to have a professional system without having to take the time for appointments to make it happen.

Her are some pics of our results!

We loved this system so much and will continue to use it and purchase refills to keep our smiles BRILLIANT! Check out my totally embarrasing video below of how the process with the kit starts.

If you are interested in recieving 10% off of your order enter this code at checkout!


Enter my Smile Brilliant Giveaway to win a kit for yourself HERE!


We recieved this product coutesy of Smile Brilliant in exchange for our honest review. As always here at Bitz of Confetti all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting me and the brands the work with Bitz of Confetti. 

Bye for now,


Griff & Kenz

My Little Ones Imagination Shown Through Color



  Hey Everyone!

Its been too long, just over here working away and enjoying life with my family. Recently we purchased our first home and we love it so much! Its crazy how much space we have now and we have just begun to really start making this space our own. I couldn’t wait to have a home so I could decorate a space with confidence knowing we wouldn’t move a year later.


Recently we were given the opportunity to work with Dunn-Edwards Paints and this opportunity has been such a dream. My Father has been a painting contractor since his early 20’s and anytime I hear about a project involving or the smell fresh paint it makes me giddy thinking of my childhood. My dad would come home in his white painting paints and white short sleeved shirt with little splatters and drips of paint on his knees, shoes, elbows and hair. I always loved seeing all the different colors he had worked with on his “uniform.”


Another favorite memory with my dad were long drives looking at his paint swatch booklet and imagining all the projects I could think that would work with each color, or pairing colors to see what odd but equally beautiful combinations I could come up with. when I went into Dunn-Edwards Paints to finalize my project I met with Caitlyn the stores Professional Color Advisor to help me determine the right colors and amount of paint needed for my project. Caitlyn not only helped me with details for this project but also helped me with other rooms in my house just based of pictures I brought in of each space. I was so impressed that she knew what I was going for and I even went home with FREE samples to try just to make sure. Make sure to get your FREE sample here, I can’t wait to show you wha I was able to do with one sample in another post.


 Dunn-Edwards has just short of 2,000 in their Perfect Palette System, because of this I was so thankful for the PCA’s help. It only took us about 15 minutes to determine the colors I wanted for 3 separate rooms and her professional help was free. I love that Dunn-Edwards offers FREE consultations with the PCA, without her help I would have been lost in the Rainbow.


I was a little nervous right before I went into my consultation because I changed my mind as to which room I would be transforming with color. I decided to do our little girls room. What made me most nervous is the toxins that she would breath in days after the paint dried because it was still fresh. My PCA told me about Dunn-Edwards GREEN LEGACY and my concerns were gone. In 1983 Dunn-Edwards reformulated their paints to contain a non-toxic alternative to Ethylene Glycol. There is virtually no odor after painting. Dunn-Edwards Paints are of the highest quality ingredients and pigment.


A little bit more as to why I chose to decorate the way we did! If you know Aiva she is one spunky little doll! She lives in the moment. Her imagination and creations are centered around rainbows, unicorns, princesses, glitter, pink, tiny trinkets and clouds. My goal for her room was to be all the things found in her dreams. The sky doesn’t have to be blue it can have a touch of green. Her room is far from being finished but I can’t wait to share this little slice of our home!

Alright here it is! This is just the first of many home decor and paint creations to hit the blog.








Color Used: Seafoam DE 5695

Learn about Dunn-Edwards FREE color consultation service and download a FREE sample coupon valid for one 8 oz. Perfect Palette® Sampler™ at any Dunn-Edwards store. *Coupon is valid until August, 31 2017.